The Stigma of Disability

When you hear the word disability, what do you think of? Be honest with yourself, too.

Is it someone who’s in a motorized wheelchair and likely has been since a young age? Or do you think of a child in grade school who is several years behind their peers because of a learning disability? Or even physical impairments are brought to mind, such as deformities.

The problem with how we think of disability revolves around the congenital, or birth, side of it all. It’s all we tend to conjure in our minds when the word disability crosses our ears.

All of the examples I gave were disabilities decided at birth, because of genes. Whether they were mutated randomly or were passed down from the parents’ genes, the person in question had no choice in the matter from the get go.

But when you really look into the statistics surrounding disabilities in the workplace, they’re far more often caused by illnesses and sometimes injuries. For the most part, they’re short-term.

So when you think of disability insurance, it all starts to make sense. You buy insurance to protect you against a loss of income caused by some sort of disability that befell you.

It’s this type of thinking that needs to happen more often when we consider what a disability is and isn’t. Those who have disabilities because of their environment, such as injuries and illnesses, are often looked at as normal people with short-term disabilities. The fact of the matter is that all people with disabilities are normal, even if they were born with them.

Rather than regard disability as some hideous, unspeakable thing that is taboo to talk about, we need to look it in the face as a mere other part to somebody. Everyone is human and normal, and sometimes people have conditions or diseases that affect them. That’s that. It happens to someone healthy far more often than it happens at birth, so why is it that we fixate on the congenital disabilities more than those caused in everyday life?

So if you’re new to a workplace and you have multiple people depending on your income, think about getting on a disability insurance policy to protect you from any future disasters that may affect you. You’ll be thanking yourself down the road if you’re out of work for an extended period of time and needed a backup plan.

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